Confirmation is an opportunity for adults and young people (12+) to confirm for themselves the faith into which they were baptised.    

If you would like to be Confirmed classes for 2019 begin on Sunday 20th October and run until the Confirmation Service which is on Sunday 8th December at 10.00 a.m. 

The classes will be held in St. Giles Centre between 4.30 and 5.30 p.m.    If you would like to be Confirmed please contact me on 01689 856931 or via email, jmath@btinternet.com.


About Confirmation

A Confirmation Service is an opportunity for people to ‘confirm’ for themselves the promises of faith that were made at their Baptism.  In this sense Confirmation is both an end and a beginning.  It is the end of the vicarious faith that we received from our parents and Godparents at our Baptism and the beginning of our own faith in God that we have freely chosen and publicly proffered. 

This is such an important decision that the Bishop, the guardian and custodian of orthodox Christian belief, and the focal point of unity, comes to seal this decision through the laying on of hands and the anointing with oil.  Through his ministry and the faith of the person being confirmed the Holy Spirit is poured out into the believers heart to help form them into the likeness of Jesus.  As with all journeys we need food to sustain us on the road.  As we travel with Christ through our life he gives us bread and wine, his body and blood, true signs of his presence with us and powerful reminders of his saving death and resurrection.  

Such is the joy and significance of Confirmation and first Communion that all Candidates have been invited to carefully weigh and consider the claims and truths of the Christian faith.  We are delighted for all the Candidates and share with them their joy and excitement.  We remind them that our prayers and best wishes accompany them as they start their Christian journey as full members of the Church

If you would like further infirmation please contact stgiles@parishoffice.eclipse.co.uk

Confirmation 2018

The Confirmation Service for 2018 took place on Sunday 9th December,.with the Bishop of Tonbridge - The Rt Revd. Simon Burton-Jones,
Please remember all the candidates in your prayers.

Adult Candidates:
Lucy Davidson, Esme Scoates  Teresa Scoates, Jason Stanton and Kathy Wright

Junior candidates:

Tegan Stanton, Emma Felstead, Marcus Felstead and Joel Broadie  

Defend, O Lord, these your servants with your heavenly grace that they may continue yours forever, and daily increase in your Holy Spirit more and more, until they come to your everlasting Kingdom. 


After the service refreshments were served in the St. Giles Centre

photos by Lesley Parsons