Farnborough Parish Magazine is published monthly, and is thought to have been in continuous production since 1899, see Magazine History

We are always seeking to increase the number of people who subscribe to the magazine, so please do introduce the magazine to neighbours and friends. If you would like to do this then additional copies can be obtained by calling John Richardson, contact details below. The magazines will be dropped round to you with a label reading ‘complimentary copy’ on the front cover.

The magazine was relaunched in November 2012. This introduced a totally new presentation with some full colour pages, and an increase in size to A4.  Reproduced here is the cover from a recent edition.

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We are always happy to receive articles from members of our community, along with pictures, so do contribute if you can.

Magazine Report for AGM 2019

I find it difficult to believe that I am approaching the 5th anniversary of my editorship of the parish magazine and I now have the expert help of my wife Helen who is the deputy editor.

The past year has seen some notable anniversaries which we have attempted to highlight in the magazine. In June we had the 60th anniversary of St Nicholas and on the 1st September the return of Farnborough Fayre. In November we had the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.

The past year has seen the conclusion of a series of articles entitled ‘The Alley Kids’ inspired by John Riches. We also published series of articles including ‘How Well Do You Know Your Country’ by Sheila Munns, the very interesting ‘Archives’ by Patsy John and some historical articles ‘Farnborough and the Turnpike Age’ written by Nick Reynolds. The ‘Music Page’ has become a regular feature and is currently guiding us through the complicated process and progress of the restoration of the organ at St Giles. Thank you Clive for keeping us updated and also to Patsy John for the entertaining film reviews. There are many others who send poems and articles and I mention Bob Donovan for his often amusing observations of life in Farnborough. We are very fortunate to have two erudite leader writers and I would like to thank Matthew and Stephen for their inspiring contributions every month giving us food for thought in the opening pages of the magazine. There are those who write reports of the WI’s and the Mother’s Union so thank you to Jennie, Lynne, Patsy and Lindsay. I would also like to thank Lesley, Irene, Nick and Roger for their ongoing photographic contributions and recently Hannah Fruin who is currently studying photography as an A level subject.

I would like to thank Liz in the Parish Office and Matthew for their constant attention and submissions. I would also like to thank Danny at T&C Printers for his expertise and patience. We often have 4 or 5 proofs before the final print proof is completed. My monthly meetings with Danny are a highlight of the month in the production process. Once the order to ‘go to print’ is given it takes a minimum of 10 days for printing, packing and delivery and a few more days for distribution by John Richardson. Hence the deadline of the 6th of the month prior to publication!

We have recently lost a page of advertising so Adèle is currently seeking new clients. We are going to spread the advertising content more evenly throughout the magazine in rotation for a few months in the hope it will attract small traders and businesses.

Magazine Contacts

Editor: Eddie Roberts, Deputy Editor: Helen Roberts
tel: 01689 851267  farnboroughparishmag@gmail.com

Advertising: Adele Cooke 07789 467093:advertising.parish@btinternet.com
Distribution: John Richardson 01689 811605 jrichardson48@hotmail.com

Subscriptions: Diane Skrine 07770 674336 dianeelliothale@hotmail.com

The Editor and PCC accept no responsibility for the services offered by advertisers.

The deadline for submission of articles is the 6th of the previous month (eg. articles for the March edition to be received by the editor by the 6th of February).


Subscribing to the Magazine

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