The Fete took place on 8th June, amidst 'variable' weather. The net income this year was £3,300. just £29 down on last year, a great return on such a blustery day.  Many thanks are due to the organiser Carol Fryer, and to everyone else who helped in any way.
Look for Jenny Driver our former Assistant Priest in the photos below!

Photos by Nick Reynolds and Lesley Parsons, Click to Enlarge












A sincere thank you to all those who contributed to making this year's fete work; to those who gave stall items and donations; to our great entertainers:

* Sevenoaks & Tonbridge Band
* Rock Choir
* Robert Styles Punch & Judy

and to our team of helpers without whom we could not even begin to think about putting on such an event; to the Scouts who once again proved indispensable.
  Thank you to our Sponsors:

* The Woodman for the Bouncy Castle
* PSR Management for the Punch & Judy
* Cllr Bob Evans and Mrs Desiree Evans for the Children’s Sweets & Prizes
* Member of the congregation for the Children’s Tombola and sound system
* Simon and Frances Trowell for their donation
* Those unnamed but who know who they are
  Thank you for the Raffle prizes to:

* St. Giles Healing Team
* Culverhouse & Co, Accountants    
* Brouard Architects
* Boutique Spa
* Coolings Garden Centre
* Sweet Pea Bespoke Florist ·
* Ieuan James Barber ·
* Diddi Dance ·
* The Café ·
* All anonymous donors

Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets.

Thank you to Mia Kirk, Farnborough’s May Queen, and her supporters for opening the fete this year and giving it such a good start.
The annual Summer Fete is an opportunity to share time, a laugh, food and maybe a drink with friends, family and neighbours. A true community affair.

St. Giles Social Committee